Alessandra Lanzafame, young and restless Italian artist, started her artistic studies in Sicily and, after obtaining her degree at the Arts Institute, she moved to Rome where she attended the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). Subsequently, she got a specialization in the subject of photography. 

The years spent in Rome started the beginning of a personal photography research on herself. As an artist, she uses the self-timer as a strong (and intimate) instrument to research the human soul. Between suggestive visions and hypnotic appearances, she creates a complex series of pictures which the subjective transmits itself into the universal and vice versa. 

In 2008 her degree project “Mad in Italy” was published on “La Repubblica”.

In 2009, her self-timers of the soul win the “Festa delle Streghe” contest, organized by the city of Rome. In the same year, Tau Visual (National association of professional photographers from Milan) recognized her as the Author of the "Premio della Qualità Creativa" (Prize of the Creative Quality).

In 2016, she was one of the finalists of the “ORA” prize (Spanish edition).
In the same year, she became part as an artist of the “Liquid Art System”, organized by the widely recognized gallerist Franco Senesi.

Moreover, she started a new project with painter Elisa Anfuso (for whom she poses as a model from 2013). The project called "(in)conscia veritas" which photography and painting got fused to give life to our first art exhibition at Positano “Liquid Art System” (Province of Salerno, Campania, Italy).
During the course of her career, she exhibited her work for many cultural associations: “Il Circolo Degli Artisti, Gra Magazine, Rinassense, 
D-Mood, ManSourcing".


Today she exhibits in the most important international fairs in New York, Miami and Istanbul.